29 settembre 2011

Studio Keyart – Architecture Urban Design is part of the Fashion Alliance by IBM

Studio Keyart – Architecture Urban Design is part of the Fashion Alliance by IBM, an Italian project promoted by IBM to offer innovative solutions for the fashion industry, through putting together selected partners to match the market needs with cutting edge solutions.

The Fashion Alliance is an initiative by IBM Italy and is formed by companies offering innovative solutions for fashion retail and new concept intelligent stores. These include interactive technologies for shops and virtual and augmented reality installations to enhance the shopping experience.

IBM Fashion Alliance is a movement that uses the potentials of the latest technologies to satisfy everyday needs.
Each Business Partner owns specific and unique skills, but at the same time belongs to a whole team, with the same objectives and disparate resources, in order to share ideas and solutions and to generate concrete projects.

An Alliance as an opportunity, to propose the IBM’s technological expertise and computing capabilities through new multimedia interfaces, and become a new, interactive link between user and technology.

Studio Keyart, within the Fashion Alliance, provides architectural solutions. Architecture and product design, interior design with specialization in the contract field and more particularly, private houses, hotel design, tourist facilities, hospitality and retail structures.

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